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my new vlog murgi ne anda diya

My new vlog: Hen harvesting eggs to chicken Murgi ne anda diya

You have never seen anything like this before as I will show you my beautiful 

chicken hen harvesting eggs to chicken Murgi ne anda diya. This vlog will help

 me connect with my viewers and increase views on YouTube so that I can share

 more videos with you in the future! Thank you for your continued support! 

Day 1 - Showcasing the setup

The Hen Harvesting Eggs to Chicken farm is located in a rural area in the 

center of India. The farm is set up with a coop for the chickens, an incubator 

for the eggs, and a hen house for the hens. When it's time for harvest, the farmer 

will bring all of the hens into one room where they walk on a wire floor above their

 own egg shells.

Day 2 - Morning Workout with Brother

I woke up this morning at 5 am to do my morning workout with my brother. We did a 

45-minute run and some pushups, situps, jumping jacks, etc. It was really fun!

Day 3 - Pancake Time

Hen Harvesting Eggs to Chicken My new vlog Day 3 - Pancake Time!

I'm so excited about today's video because it is our first day of hatching eggs.

 I hope you enjoy it! 

Day 4 - Curry Preparation

Today's video is going to be about how I make my favorite curry. It's pretty easy, 

but it has a lot of steps. The first step is prepping all the vegetables. I chop them

 up into small pieces and then put them in a pot with some oil. Then I add some salt,

 pepper, turmeric, cumin seeds, cayenne pepper, ginger powder, coriander powder, 

garam masala mix, and tomato paste.

Day 5 - Chai Time!

After a long week, it's time for chai! I've been thinking about everything that's happened

 this week, from the eggs we hatched on day 2 all the way to hen harvesting on day 5. 

It's been an amazing journey!

Day 6 - Competition Time!

I'm really excited about today's episode of My New Vlog- Hen Harvesting Eggs

 to Chicken. I hope you enjoy it!


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