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My New Hens - Why I decided to get backyard chickens & how they've changed my life


My New Hens - Why I decided to get backyard chickens & how they've changed my life


3 years ago, I bought my first backyard chickens...and they were the best decision I ever

 made! These girls are so special to me and have taught me so much!

Before we get started…

Before we can go into the details about why I got my new hens and what it's been like, 

there are a few things you should know: 

1) My name is Sarah and this is my first time raising backyard chickens. 2)

 We live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. 3) Our property is not zoned for animals. 4)

 It's taken some time but our neighbors have come to accept our hens as part of the family.

Who am I?

I am a stay-at-home mom of two little boys, who also runs a small business in the

  evenings. As someone who is home all day, sometimes it can be difficult to think of

 things to do with the kids that doesn't involve us going anywhere. That's when I found 

Murgi Le Liye hum ne online and thought it would be fun for the family.

What is urban chicken farming, anyway?

Urban chicken farming is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Fresh eggs

 are healthier, tastier, and more humane than store-bought eggs. Plus, adding a flock

 of hens to your yard is a surefire way of making your home feel less lonely when you're

 away at work. But before you rush out and buy some chicks, it's important to know the ins 

and outs of urban chicken farming first!


 They produce eggs: Murgi Le Liye hum ne! Just imagine all the eggs! The eggs from

 these hens are better for you than store bought eggs because the hens are fed a 

natural diet. Eggs from these hens also have a richer and creamier texture.

- A great source of entertainment: My new vlog! We don't need cable anymore

 because we can watch my new vlog.


Murgi Le Liye hum ne My new vlog

I knew that keeping a backyard chicken would be an educational experience for the kids.

 But the experience of taking care of these birds has been so much more than just learning

 about their biology and behavior. They are a member of our family, and we love them dearly.

Well, what about the actual day-to-day?

I really didn't know what to expect when we first got our new hens. They are so different

 from the chickens you see at the grocery store, and I was worried that they wouldn't adjust

 well to their new environment. But after just a few days in their new home, it was clear that

 these ladies were happy and eager for me to come visit them in their coop every day!

So you want some chickens…

I had always loved the idea of backyard chickens, but for years it was just a pipe dream.

 But as we were nearing the end of our stay in Northern California and we had more time

 on our hands, I started looking into them more seriously. After doing some research and

 speaking with family members who already had them, we decided that getting some hens

 would be a great addition to our farm.

In Conclusion

I am so happy with my new hens. They have provided me with eggs, meat, and entertainment. 

They are beautiful and I love them!

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