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My Hens' New Home: A Vlog Tour of Their Coop and Run


My Hens' New Home: A Vlog Tour of Their Coop and Run



A few years ago, we decided to get some chickens for our backyard. We 

named them Mabel and Martha, and they’ve been an integral part of our 

family ever since! But when we moved to the suburbs, it was necessary 

that we find a new home for them (and their cousin Abigail). If you’re curious 

about how I built their new coop and run, how they react to it, or what they’re like

 overall, check out this vlog of me giving you a tour of their new home

Setting up The run (2 min)

The run is the area where my chickens can roam freely. It's fenced in on all sides

 with an electric wire at the top to keep them inside. I built their coop next to the run

 so they could go back and forth as they please.

Carrying in the coop (4 min)

Grabbing the doorknob, I was greeted by the hens clucking excitedly. They had

 been waiting for my arrival eagerly. One flew to me, wings flapping wildly as she 

landed on my arm and started pecking at my hair. How could I resist? It's not every 

day you get to show your hens their new home! 

I walked over to the coop, which is just big enough for five chickens. 

And that's exactly how many live here

Adding perches (1 min)

I added perches to the coop for the hens to take a break from laying eggs.

 The hens love their new perches and seem happy in their new home!

Adding nest boxes, food and water dishes (5 min)

Adding nest boxes, food and water dishes 

Nest boxes are important for laying hens as they need a place to lay their eggs.

 Nest boxes can be bought at most pet stores. I have four different sized ones that

 I put in the corners of the run. You'll want to make sure you get one that is the correct

 size for your breed or size of hen.

Final perch and curtain tassel decoration (1 min)

I'm so excited to be showing you guys my new home for my hens! I've

 been working on a plan for the last few months, but it's finally complete.

 Here are some final photos of their coop and run, as well as the final decorations.

 I hope you enjoy this tour!


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