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The Top 5 New Games of 2022 You Won't Want to Miss

The Top 5 New Games of 2022 You Won't Want to Miss

Some gamers out there may be wondering what the top games

 will be in 2022, and if they’ll want to buy one or not. You shouldn’t

 wonder – you should definitely want to know! After all, the gaming

 industry has produced some of the most high-quality titles ever made,

 and it’s likely that this trend will continue in the future. So before you 

spend your hard-earned money on any new game, check out our list 

of the top 5 new games of 2022 that you won’t want to miss!

No. 5 - Call of Duty

It's still Call of Duty, just a new name. Same creators and 

many of the same features. But with a new title, Activision 

have found themselves giving players a reason to invest again

 with more attention-grabbing cover art that is sure to bring back

 some nostalgia for those who haven't played in years. Better yet,

 your progress and achievements in Call of Duty 2020 will carry 

over seamlessly so you can keep playing where you left off.

No. 4 - Witcher 3

Along with their newly announced console, Xbox One X, 

Microsoft also showcased some new games coming out in

 the next few years. The Witcher 3 is a sequel to The Witcher 

2 and sees Geralt of Rivia travel across different kingdoms 

such as Temeria and Aedirn on his search for Alvin – his ward.

 This game promises to provide over 100 hours of gameplay 

set in a vast world, so if you're looking for a great experience 

this is a must play.


No. 3 - Red Dead Redemption 2

In late 2021, Rockstar Games announced their newest game:

 Red Dead Redemption 2. After two years in development, the

 team is finally ready to launch their follow-up game to their iconic

 and award-winning 2010 western game Red Dead Redemption. 

In this new title, you'll take on the role of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw

 and member of Dutch's gang living a life outside the law with all 

the associated risks.

No. 2 - Grand Theft Auto 6

Since the GTA series is by far the most well-known out there,

 it's impossible not to talk about this game. Even if it's way off

 into the future and we don't know anything about the next

 installment in this hit franchise, it has all but cemented its 

 place as a top pick for any list like this. With that said, I'll move

 on and discuss some other games. But don't worry – GTA 6 will 

be featured again shortly!

No. 1 - Doom 2


Doosm 2, the sequel to last year's No. 1 new game Doom,

 has landed and players won't be disappointed. This game 

is all about fast-paced first person shooter action that doesn

't let up until the very end.