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How to Drift a Sports Car Unblocked

How to Drift a Sports Car Unblocked




How to Drift a Sports Car Unblocked



New to sports car drifting? Just want to get better at it? This sports car drifting

 unblocked guide will help you discover the best sports car drifting tips and tricks,

 so you can start drifting like a pro!

Get into Position

The first thing you’ll want to do is find an area where there are no obstacles in front of you

 and you can practice doing figure eights. If there’s a curb, that’s perfect for starting out; otherwise

, pick some open space and make sure it’s large enough for your vehicle.

Practice Downshifting

Before you can attempt any type of drifting, whether it’s in your own car or something like 

a sports car drifting unblocked, it’s important that you practice downshifting. You need to get

 accustomed to slowing down while maintaining speed. Practice shifting through each gear

 (this is important) and upshift before you hit redline; make sure your engine braking is effective

 before moving on to practicing in real-world situations.

Turn Off Stability Control

A lot of drivers mistakenly think that stability control makes it easier for them to learn how to drift. 

The reality is that stability control will prevent you from going into oversteer, but it doesn’t help much 

if you want to pull off a sweet drifting move. To do sports car drifting unblocked, turn off your vehicle’s 

stability control system. This will allow you more freedom when driving and make it easier for you to

 learn how to drift.

Flick the Handbrake

How to Drift a Sports Car Unblocked

To drift—also known as slide, slither, or skid—around a corner, you need to countersteer. 

When you’re doing 70 mph on an empty highway and your car starts drifting into oncoming 

traffic, hit the handbrake. Get in there nice and early and push it all the way down until your

 back tires start smoking. At that point, ease off as gently as possible so you don’t lose

 control of your steering.

Drive it Like You Mean It!

Depending on your level of experience and comfort, there are two distinct ways you

 can approach drifting. For those just learning how to drift, it’s recommended that you

 choose an automatic transmission or an easy-to-handle stick shift with low gears. 

This will allow you to focus solely on acceleration and braking techniques rather than

 concerns about shifting gears at the proper time. In order to drift a sports car successfully

you need both of these in perfect sync.

Remember, Keep Calm and Drifting On!

When you’re driving your sports car, make sure you keep calm and drift on.

 If you become too nervous or stressed out, your hands might shake and cause 

you to swerve out of control. This is something that no driver wants! So be careful 

when taking turns or getting up to speed; stay relaxed and don’t let your nerves 

get in the way of your speed!



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