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How to Do Makeup for Beginners


How to Do Makeup for Beginners 

How to Do Makeup for Beginners






You’ve just decided to wear makeup and you want to look fabulous, but you have 

no idea where to start. How do you apply foundation? Concealer? Where do you put 

blush and bronzer? Exactly how long does it take to do all this stuff? We’re here to help!

 Here are 10 easy steps to getting gorgeous makeup every day like a pro. Before you know

 it, you’ll be on your way to being the best-looking woman in town!

1) Start with clean, moisturized skin

How to Do Makeup for Beginners

Because you’re a beginner, stick with makeup that will enhance your natural beauty. 

A good place to start is with moisturized skin. If you haven’t already done so,

 find out what your skin type is and learn how to keep it healthy by using products

 specifically designed for your skin type. Then, use a primer before applying foundation

it’ll help even out any discoloration on your face.

2) Conceal any problem areas with concealer

Using concealer is an easy way to even out your skin tone. Apply it under your 

eyes and on any dark spots or red areas. To really bring it home, use a slightly 

lighter shade than your foundation so that you achieve a flawless base. Concealer

 can also be used on any blemishes you may have.

3) Color correct any uneven skin tone

Before you even think about applying foundation, use a color corrector on any

 areas of your face that might be uneven. This step is super easy but can totally

 make or break your look, so don’t skip it! If you have redness around your nose 

and mouth, go ahead and use a product like NYX Cosmetics CC Cream Color 

Correcting Cream in Brightener. Using a large brush (I love Real Techniques 

Buffing Brush), apply along trouble spots with light pressure until they disappear.

4) Prep your skin for foundation application

A clean face will help makeup go on smoothly and evenly. Start by washing your face

 with a gentle cleanser and patting it dry with a soft towel. Use a powder or blotting paper

 to absorb excess oil, if necessary. A primer can give you smoother skin and an even canvas

 for foundation application; apply it before foundation.

5) Outline your eyes and apply eye shadow

Let’s get started! First, you want to outline your eyes. To do so, apply eye shadow 

around your upper and lower lash lines. This isn’t as scary as it sounds—just place

 a bit of eye shadow close to your eyelashes at both corners and smooth out toward

 your temples. A little shimmery highlighter across your lid is an excellent idea, too!