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Get Ready to Stunt Your Way to Victory on Sky Bike 3D


Get Ready to Stunt Your Way to Victory on Sky Bike 3D






Get Ready to Stunt Your Way to Victory on Sky Bike 3D!

When it comes to the mobile gaming world, it’s hard to get more unique than Sky Bike 3D.

 The game, developed by Silvergames and published by Silvergames, is available on Android

 devices and allows you to fly across the sky using a bike attached to a helium balloon! If that 

doesn’t sound exciting enough, you’ll be dodging bombs, rockets, and all kinds of other obstacles

 as you try to avoid running out of fuel in this adrenaline-fueled thrill ride! Here’s how Sky Bike 3D works!

Choose your rider

You’ll get to choose from three different riders in Sky Bike 3D, each with their own stats, 

making it easy for you to pick a bike that fits your riding style. Picking an experienced rider

 means you’ll be able to hold your line better and avoid obstacles more easily. However, 

picking a newbie means that you’ll have more turbo at your disposal during tight spots. 

Pick whichever works best for you!

Pick your ride

Whether you’re a speed demon or more of a cautious (but still competitive) type, you’ll 

have your pick of four-wheeled contraptions. Each features different stats and boasts its

 own handling style. With so many options, you can tailor your vehicle to meet both your 

aesthetic tastes and racing needs. And if you don’t like what you see, there are plenty of 

opportunities to customize each ride with a number of upgrades.


The goal of Sky Bike 3D is simple: race through each level, picking up points and 

performing stunts along the way. It’s almost like a three-dimensional version of Tony 

Hawk’s Pro Skater games—all you have to do is balance on your bike while executing

 tricks and launching off ramps.

Challenge your friends

If you’re a fan of extreme racing games, then it’s time to step up your game with 

Sky Bike 3D. As a daredevil rider, your job is simple: get as far as possible without

 wiping out (or crashing into anything else). It’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, you 

may find yourself wishing for three wishes after facing some of these challenges.

Don’t forget about the collectibles and achievements

Another perk of playing Sky Bike 3D is that it comes with a large number of collectibles

 and achievements. Some people might find them superfluous, but they can be fun additions 

if you’re into such things. The game also boasts some very realistic physics, so while you’re

 speeding through cities and popping wheelies at 100 miles per hour, remember that every

 action has an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s Third Law of Motion).

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