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How to Break the Monster Truck Speed World Record.


How to Break the Monster Truck Speed World Record




How to Break the Monster Truck Speed World Record

How to Break the Monster Truck Speed World Record


If you love monster trucks and want to break the world record, but aren’t 

sure how to do it, don’t worry—you’re not alone! There are lots of people 

out there who would love to see the record fall, but don’t know where to start

 or what it would take to make that happen. To find out how to break the 

monster truck speed world record, just follow these 10 simple steps...

Step 1: Get the Gear

How to Break the Monster Truck Speed World Record

How to Break the Monster Truck Speed World Record

Before you attempt any stunt driving, you’ll need to make sure your 

vehicle is up for it. Here are a few things that can help with monster truck 

speed racing: Stronger Tires: The last thing you want is for your race car’s

 tires to blow out and cost you seconds—or worse, cause damage. When 

buying new wheels for speed racing, look for a set of reinforced tires and 

rims with higher load ratings than what comes standard on your vehicle.

Step 2: Learn Where to Set Up and When

How to Break the Monster Truck Speed World Record

How to Break the Monster Truck Speed World Record

There are some basic things you need to do before you start your 

monster truck speed race game. This includes obtaining a track, 

a trained driver and crew, required safety gear, and permits. You’ll 

also need an SUV or monster truck for optimal performance, which 

will cost around $1 million. You’ll also need an engine capable of

 producing more than 900 hp, although 1,000 hp or more will get you going faster.

Step 3: Plan Your Route

Time is precious. You want your racecar to get from point A to point 

B as quickly as possible. In order for that happen, you need a route 

that follows flat ground and has no interference (i.e., other vehicles). 

The more detailed your plan is, the better idea you’ll have of exactly how

 you’re going to achieve it – and whether or not it’s even possible.

Step 4: Get a Straight Line on Your Runway

We are nearly ready for takeoff. You’ve got your plane ticket, your bags

 are packed and you’re counting down the minutes until liftoff. Before we

 can take off, though, we have one more step: We need to get a straight line

 on our runway. After years of studying successful startups

 (and interviewing top entrepreneurs), I’ve found that all great businesses

 have one thing in common—at some point they had a straight line on their runway.

Step 5: Line Up For a Pass

Before you even think about lighting that nitro switch, there are a few

 things you need to line up for your monster truck speed race game.

 First, you’ll need a large space. The original speed record was set on 

an empty section of runway at Edwards Air Force Base.

Step 6: Use GPS for Accuracy

Monster trucks are designed for speed, and you’re going to need 

every ounce of that raw power if you’re going to break that world record.

 There are a few key things you’ll want to do before starting

Step 7a) Get Ready, Get Set... Go! (Footage, Cameras, and Spotters)

Setting a world record requires careful preparation and strategy. First, 

it’s important to make sure you have your timing down. Set up a camera

 at exactly 100 feet away from where you want to start and stop. Make sure

 that there are multiple cameras set up on different angles so you can see

 how fast you move in every direction.

Step 7b) Keep it steady (Footage,a Camers, and Spotters)

When you’re speeding around in a large, potentially explosive vehicle,

 things can go wrong—fast. Before you hit top speed, there are two people

 you should consider having behind you: one manning your video camera 

and another keeping an eye on your speed with a radar gun. This way, if

 something goes awry (and it will), you have footage of what happened as 

well as data from your spotter.

Step 8) Don't Stop Until You're Done!

Whether you’re chasing a monster truck speed world record or just

 trying to beat your best, it’s important to stay focused. Take a look at 

this monster truck speed racing game and don’t stop until you hit every 


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